KCS Middle School Rezoning?

There is quite a lot of misinformation being spread about potential rezoning in Knox County Schools. Please look at the actual information being sent out from Knox County Schools, rather than listening to rumors.

The new middle schools are set to open in August 2018. (Almost 2 years)

There is currently NO PLAN in place for rezoning. Meetings are being conducted to get feedback from parents BEFORE creating new zones.

Once input has been gathered from all of these meetings, it will be used to begin creating a plan, which is expected to be ready in February. That plan will be presented to the community for additional feedback before being finalized.

The slides from the recent meeting at Gibbs Elementary are available here:
Gibbs Meeting Slides

Additional information is available here:
Rezoning Information

If you have questions, please email me:  jennifer.owen@knoxschools.org

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