TVA Tower and REAL ID

Putting Knox County Schools in the TVA Towers will limit public access.

*REAL ID is only one of many concerns regarding placing our public schools’ administrative offices in a federal building. Please see my other posts on the TVA Tower to get a sense of the magnitude of problems with this deal.



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Follow the Money Map 4.29.19

I am still calling it a “draft,” but I don’t know where else I could stick anything! The latest Money Map is here!

If the PDF versions below are too small, you might try the link to the full map I uploaded to xmind:

Money Map 4-29-29

House and Senate ESA Bill Comparison

The House and Senate ESA Bill Comparison is in three different formats, below. Google Chrome is recommended for the best viewing, but there should be a format that works for everyone. If not, please let me know in the comments.

House and Senate ESA Bill Comparison




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About Those Voucher Amendments...

Oddly, all of the “improvements” that have been made to Tennessee House Bill 939, the Education Savings Account Voucher program, have reverted back to their original form in the version that is expected to be presented Wednesday, April 10th. Were those amendments not made in good faith? It certainly gives the appearance that votes were

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The TN ESA Voucher Bill, HB 939 is Still Terrible

The TN ESA Voucher Bill, HB 939 is Still Terrible. An annotated version is below. What else do you see that we haven’t covered?


HB 939 with highlights and amendment HA0188

Follow The Big, Big, Money

This is a draft map of just some of big money organizations and individuals who spend big money to fund the campaigns of YOUR Tennessee Legislators.

The Governor's Office Would LIE to the Public?

We are hearing increasing reports of bullying, harassment, and intimidation tactics being used by Tennessee legislators, to strong-arm YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES into voting the way THEY want them to vote, rather than for the interests of constituents.

Now, we are also hearing that people who voted for Governor Bill Lee have called his office to

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Cover Your Eyes; Our Legislators' PAC Priorities Are Showing!

If you still think the constant attacks on Tennessee’s teachers are partisan attacks, you’ve got some catching up to do!

The school voucher plan has been deceptively re-named “Education Savings Account,” with the hope that it can be fast-tracked through the legislature before constituents notice they have been had. And

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TN House Education Committee Contact Information

Contact information for your Tennessee House Education Committee and Subcommittee members is in the PDF below. Please contact them to let them know that you want PUBLIC dollars used for PUBLIC schools and that local school boards should be in control of local schools.

House Ed Committees 2019 Sheet1

Pass the Bill and Figure it out Later?!

Please watch this meeting of the Tennessee House Education Subcommittee on Curriculum, Testing, and Innovation regarding creating a new commission (yes, bigger government) to authorize charter schools, after local school districts vote not to authorize them. (Skip forward to 42:34 – HB 0940)

If the video does not play, you can also access it

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