Yard Sign Survey

Thank you for responding!
The survey is now closed, and the final tally is posted below. Those who responded included graphic designers, artists/art teachers, current and past candidates for a variety of offices, history professors, and many others. Thank you for all of the great feedback!

Watch for another fun survey, soon.  🙂


There has been a question about whether the apple I’m using as the O in my name is clear enough – and whether people will recognize the name when they go to the polls. I have made changes, based on recent suggestions, and pasted them into this short survey. There are also boxes for comments, and I greatly appreciate all of your feedback.

1. 4 Fatter Apple Reverse Color Yard Sign 18x24 Blue 300ppi 8 12 11 31 #2
2. Yard Sign 18x24 Blue 300ppi 17 9 15 41 #1
3. 1 Ugly Yard Sign 18x24 Blue 300ppi 3 3 2 8 #6
4. 2 Teen Girl Yard Sign 18x24 Blue 300ppi 2 5 3 10 #5
5. 3 Plain Yard Sign 18x24 Blue 300ppi 4 13 3 20 #4
6. Yard Sign 18x24 2 color with URL small 8 3 10 21 #3


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1 comment to Yard Sign Survey

  • Larry Proffitt

    I actually like one but wish you could make just the apple red. That would be what popped to me!