Yard Sign Survey

Thank you for responding!
The survey is now closed, and the final tally is posted below. Those who responded included graphic designers, artists/art teachers, current and past candidates for a variety of offices, history professors, and many others. Thank you for all of the great feedback!

Watch for another fun survey, soon.  🙂


There has been a question about whether the apple I’m using as the O in my name is clear enough – and whether people will recognize the name when they go to the polls. I have made changes, based on recent suggestions, and pasted them into this short survey. There are also boxes for comments, and I greatly appreciate all of your feedback.

1. 4 Fatter Apple Reverse Color Yard Sign 18x24 Blue 300ppi 8 12 11 31 #2
2. Yard Sign 18x24 Blue 300ppi 17 9 15 41 #1
3. 1 Ugly Yard Sign 18x24 Blue 300ppi 3 3 2 8 #6
4. 2 Teen Girl Yard Sign 18x24 Blue 300ppi 2 5 3 10 #5
5. 3 Plain Yard Sign 18x24 Blue 300ppi 4 13 3 20 #4
6. Yard Sign 18x24 2 color with URL small 8 3 10 21 #3


Yard Sign Survey

Please use the pictures, above, to answer each question.
If you have additional comments, please use the comments box included with each question or the box at the end of the survey.
When you submit the form, all boxes will be cleared on the screen.
Which of the pictures do you like most?
(Even if you don't think it would be the most effective.)
Which would you find easiest to read, while driving past it at 40mph?
Which of these signs do you think would be most memorable?


1 comment to Yard Sign Survey

  • Larry Proffitt

    I actually like one but wish you could make just the apple red. That would be what popped to me!